Do you ever wonder about the obsession your dog has with her plush toys? Does your dog carry it around the house in his mouth? Or protect their plushie when someone goes to grab it? Does she suckle or knead it? Does your dog tear their plush toys to shreds? Many dogs have different responses to their plush toys. This article will go over what their behavior means, when to allow the use of them, and which plush toy will be great for your dog.

My Dog Carries Her Plush Toy Everywhere

Are you wondering why your dog seems to carry their toys more than others? There are some dog breeds that are known to carry their plush toys and care for them more than other breeds. Most of the time, these are dogs that are typically used for hunting like labs and retrievers. These dogs have a strong innate response to hunting. After the prey is found they are known to carry around the remains in their mouths very proudly and carefully. This skill is much loved by duck hunters all over the globe. If your dog is carrying their plush toys around and caring for them, that is perfectly normal.

Why Dogs Suckle

Sucking – another word for breastfeeding or nursing – is when a puppy sucks milk from its mothers' breast. Typically, puppies need to nurse from their mother until they are between 6-8 weeks old. One reason your dog may still suckle in adulthood could be because your dog was weaned from its mother too soon. Stuffed animals feel similar to mom and provides them with the comfort they are missing. If your dog was weaned too soon and is suckling their plush toy, it means that your dog has bonded with the toy and is treating it as its mother. If this is the case, start to desensitize your dog's attachment by taking it away every now and then and giving your dog an immense amount of snuggles. When you leave the house to run errands, feel free to give your fur baby their snuggle buddy while you are gone. There is little to no harm done when you allow this behavior for small amounts throughout the day.

Another reason your dog may suckle his plush toy could be that your dog is showing signs of separation anxiety when you leave the house. If your dog starts to show signs of affection towards their plush toys right before you leave the house, it is safe to say that your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Once you have made that conclusion you can start taking steps toward aiding their anxiety and removing the behavior.

What are the Best Plush Toys for my Dog?

a dog playing with a FAT CAT Bark Target Postal Play Thing Plush Dog Toy


When it comes to choosing the best plush toy for your dog, there are endless options to choose from. Petmate carries a wide range of plush toys for dogs from top pet brands like Zoobilee and FAT CAT. Everything from fuzzy little animals to tough plush toys that can withstand chew time and playtime. If your dog is known to shred their plush toys and remove the stuffing, the FAT CAT line of plush dog toys may be what you need for your dog. FAT CAT dog toys are available in a wide range of sizes and characters for all dogs breeds. This brand of dog toys is unique in that most of their plush toys are machine washable and made from super-strong, durable canvas fabric with double stitching to keep your dog from ripping the toy apart. FAT CATTerrible Nasty Scaries Dog Toy is the perfect example of durable plush dog toys. Their durable construction, yet soft design gives your dog a plush toy that will last for years.

If you are looking for a plush toy that is more cuddle-suited, check out Zoobilee's Plush dog toys. This brand specializes in snuggle buddies for dogs and offers all types of plush toy characters for your dog to cuddle up to. The Zoobilee Heggies (pictured below) is a puppy's favorite when it comes to snuggles. This plush toy is super soft, super durable, and ready to grunt its way into your dog's life. Dogs love these one-of-a-kind characters including Farmer, Fisherman, Chef, Princess, and more for their grunting sounds and quirky companionship.


puppy with plush hedgehog dog toy


Now that you know why your dog is obsessed with their plush toys and why they can be important to your pup, shop with confidence when getting your dog a new plush toy. Remember, always supervise when your dog gets a new plush toy to ensure that he won't tear it up and ingest some parts that can be harmful. After your dog has displayed the type of behavior it will conduct on its new snuggle buddy, you can decide if it can be left alone with the toy or not.




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