Dogs are like children. They require attention periodically and enjoy going beyond their fenced-in domain. But before you set off on an outing with your dog consider what they might enjoy. Whatever you choose, it should reflect upon your dog’s personality towards other dogs and humans. Let’s get started with a list of five fun ideas for outings with your dog, as well as some travel gear to make your outings easier.

Go to the park. Dog parks are a great place to take your dog to interact with other dogs and to get their exercise. In wide open areas take a Chuckit! Launcher. The ideal toy for dogs who love to play fetch with the bonus of staying slobber-free. An alternative location for dogs who cannot be off- leash is finding an indoor facility. Indoor parks are a great way to escape the heat as well.

During the summer heat, it is important to keep our pets safe while they do what they love. Consider using a Chuckit! Air Fetch Ball so your dog can enjoy playtime longer. Whether it is the ball or stick your dog will be able to breathe better while carrying it in his mouth.

Go exploring on a hike. This is a perfect option if you and your dog like to be outdoors finding new territory. Dogs are natural hunters, and a walk in the woods is a great way to allow them to explore beyond the backyard. For a dog that must stay on a leash, try using an Aspen Pet Training Lead, which is a longer leash that gives your dog more room to roam. Your dog will have the freedom of being away from your side, while you have the option of reeling them in.

Enjoy your favorite snack. Restaurants across the country have begun offering pet-friendly treats. Bond with your dog over your favorite meal or treat. You can start their day off with a “Puppuccino” from Starbucks while you enjoy your Venti Latte or take your dog to lunch for their very own “pup patty” at In ‘N’ Out the next time you want a Double Double. For a special treat, snag a cupcake for you and your dog at Sprinkles, just ask for a “pup cake”.

Have a playdate with other dogs. If your dog doesn’t have a pal, then try going to a Meetup. Dog meetups are an ideal way to socialize your dog with others. You can use the site to find ones in your area. This source is good to help find groups with the same breed and size as your dog. Grab your pooch and start mingling with others in your area!

Splish Splash at a dog water park. Cities across the United States have built dog-friendly water features for your furry friend to cool off in the scorching heat. From beaches to ponds, to pools, there is something for all dogs. For the non-swimmers, they can romp around in the sand with a Chuckit! Mountain Rope Tug. Roll around in the sand or grass with this easy-grip rope for a fun play day. This is a great idea for an end-of-summer bash!

Safety Tips

Once you decide on an outing, think ahead to keep your pup safe for the day. Make sure your dog stays hydrated by taking along the Replendish To-Go Travel Bottle. Perfect for your adventurous walk or play date in the park. The detachable bottle makes it easy for your dog to drink out of the included bowl. With the sturdy loop, you can attach the travel bottle to your gear.

Also, make sure you have plenty of doggy pick-up bags. Keep the area clean by picking up after your dog and maybe carry extras to offer to other dog owners.

An important reminder is to consider how hot the day will be. To ensure your day is nothing but fun, pick an outgoing that won’t be too hot on your pups’ paws. Places with concrete or hot sand have the potential of burning their paws.

Lastly, keep a watch out for your dog. Any circumstance can arise, and it is important to be the eye for them. These five outing ideas are perfect bonding time for the two of you. Have fun and stay safe. For safety tips for longer trips, check out this travel guide.



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