Get a Little H20


Water: the most common molecule on Earth. It makes up over 80 percent of our bodies, and dogs and cats are no different.1 Water is something we rarely think about for our pets, but it is one of the most important ways we can keep them healthy. Digestion, body temperature regulation and other internal processes simply can't happen properly unless your pet is getting proper hydration. Seems elementary, right? Well, keep reading.


Your dog will need to drink an ounce of water for every pound daily, so a 12-pound dog needs 12 ounces of water, and so on.2 A good-sized bowl is necessary so he has access whenever he needs it. An important note is that pet water bowls need cleaning daily. Otherwise, bacteria can build up, making your dog not want his water, or worse, sick when he drinks it.

And no, the toilet is not a water bowl.

Headed outdoors? If you're going out for a long walk or an extended car trip, be sure to bring water and a portable water bowl. Dogs sweat through panting, and exciting activities can dry them out, especially in the summer. We carry a large selection of dog bowls for both home and travel, as well as a wide variety of watering accessories. If you have any additional questions or have noticed your dog not drinking enough water, please contact your veterinarian.


Just like with dogs, cats need fresh water. And even more so than dogs, cats are inclined toward bladder infections and stone formation, meaning they need full-time access to fresh water.3 Having a clean, fresh water bowl is important for your cat, especially for older cats.

If you are a loving cat owner, you've probably noticed your little guy has a knack for finding and drinking running water from the kitchen or bathroom sink, perhaps. Turns out, cats love the sound of running water (though we're pretty sure they still hate baths). One way to use this cat trait to a healthy advantage is to provide a pet fountain. Fountains keep the water circulating and encourage cats to drink more, and many styles also filter the water as well to remove impurities. But no matter what water bowl you choose, be sure to keep it clean, washing it daily to keep bacteria from forming.


When it comes to bird hydration, it's important to first address bird cleanliness. Birds like to take baths to keep their feathers in tip-top shape and remove excess oils. Offer them a water supply that addresses both water needs. For drinking, many bird owners provide bird water silos in addition to a cup or bowl to make sure their birds have clean water. Some birds don't like silos, so be sure to watch your bird carefully if you change up a drinking container to be sure your bird is accepting the new one. Birds require fresh water daily just like other pets and as mentioned above with cats and dogs, bowls must always be wiped out to remove bacteria before they are refilled. Many birds love to dip their food into their water bowls while eating, and owners with birds that have this habit may need to freshen the water bowl more than once a day. Bathing is an integral part of a bird's life. Remember they come from areas of the world where rainfall is regular. Birds developed two ways to stay dry in such wet climates. South American birds have oil glands that they spread over their feathers as they preen. Bathing helps to remove oil buildup. Some species of birds have a natural powder that helps to keep them dry. Bathing also reduces overall buildup in this case as well. Offering a bath at least once a week is optimal. Watch your bird and see how he behaves with different water sources to find the best fit.


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