How To Keep Your Pet Bird Entertained

Do you ever worry that your pet bird is bored during the day when you're no there to entertain and interact with them? Here are some great bird toys and tricks to make your bird's free time as enjoyable as possible. Most birds are wired to desire companionship, so adopting another bird to keep each other entertained while you're away is a great option. However, if you are not ready to adopt another one right now, toys with mirrors may be a good option for your feathered friend.


Many people have different views on if a mirror is good for your bird or not. The most reliable and consistent answer is that it depends on your bird and how they perceive a mirror. If your bird enjoys the mirror and dogs not fight or charge the mirror, this is a very good sign. There has been extensive research on if birds can recognize their reflection. The simple answer is no, birds cannot recognize their reflection as themselves. Instead, they see their reflection as a potential intruder or mate. Some birds will adore this perceived company, while others may reject it. When choosing a mirror, you should always choose one that is NOT made of glass and make sure that no pieces can break off and harm your bird. The JW Fancy Mirror Bird Toy (pictured right) is a safe choice when choosing a mirror. Not only does it have a mirror, but it also has two bells that make it into an interactive toy for your bird.

Your bird interacting with and talking to their reflection is a sign that your bird has accepted their reflection as a friend or mate. They will talk to it and will fill it in on everything they've done that day or any philosophical theories they are contemplating. Some birds will even cuddle with the mirror and sleep right next to it. If your bird is pecking at the mirror or charging the mirror, this means that they are rejecting their reflection and the mirror should be removed from it's cage.


Your bird will look at their reflection as an intruder or potential predator and be forced to prove its dominance. If your bird is simply pecking at the mirror and squawking at it, you do not need to worry. Your bird has someone to argue with and entertain him while you are out and about. However, if your bird begins to show signs of extreme anxiety and fear, it's time to remove the mirror. These signs can be anything from full-on attacking the mirror to picking out its own feathers. If any of this occurs, remove the mirror entirely and quickly.

If your bird starts to show an extreme infatuation with their reflection, you may want to consider removing the mirror. Some birds will shows their obsession by regurgitating their food or simply ignoring their relationship with you. They may refuse to leave their cage and be consumed with the mirror.


All birds are active and enjoy exploring their environment. Crows have been knows to slide down snowy slopes on their backs for enjoyment. In the wild, birds have forests and trees that serve as a natural jungle gym and gives them places to fly to and from. Your bird's cage should be set up for some sort of activity. You can do this by having multiple perches set up for your bird to fly to or a wood toy for them to hone their pecking skills. Having accessories in the cage for your bird to chew on, toss around, or even dig will help your bird engage their natural survival instincts and develop their overall mental health.


Other toys that would encourage your bird's natural skill set is a chain toy like the JW Hol-ee Roller for Birds (pictured right). This unique bird toy can be stuffed with treats, stick seeds, or other bird toys. When you stuff this toy with treats for your bird, it will engage your birds natural instinct to forage for their food. Other features to look for in your birds toy are toys that include bells that make noise, multi-textured toys such as wood, plastic, and rope and toys they have perches on them so that your bird has something to balance on as they play. JW's line of bird toys includes all of these features plus so much more. Intelligently designed, JW bird toys are some of the safest and mentally stimulating toys on the bird toy market.

At the end of the day as pet parents, all we want to do is create the best and most enjoyable environment for our pets. Equipping your birds cage with fun toys, perches, mirrors, and other accessories will ensure that you are keeping your bird entertained when you're not home and will provide your pet bird with a happy and healthy life.



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