Living in a home with multiple animals, fleas are the last thing you want your pets to catch, but sometimes it happens. Dealing with fleas in a furry household can be trickier than dealing with just one animal, so learn some ways to get rid of fleas in your house.

A Fleas Life

Once a flea jumps onto your cat or dog, it doesn’t jump from animal to animal. They burrow down and start sucking on their blood within minutes, breeds, and will lay eggs (about 50 per day) in 1-2 days.1 The eggs will fall off your animal and drop into the environment where your pet roams, mainly in their resting areas. Depending on the humidity and temperature is how quickly the eggs will hatch. The hatching process can take a few days to weeks.

The larvae don’t like light and will burrow into the carpet or cracks in the floor. They will then spin a cocoon and develop into pupae, and then turn into a flea. These new fleas will jump onto your pets and the process starts all. Over. Again… Yes, it’s gross, we know.

How to get rid of fleas

Treat all pets

Regardless if you see fleas on your animals, they should all be treated. Medications are known to kill fleas and will kill any new fleas for 30 days. There are some over the counter shampoos that kill fleas, but they aren’t as effective and take more effort to kill and prevent fleas. If your pets are under four pounds or younger than 3-weeks a comb, like the JW GripSoft Flea & Fine Comb, and a Fipronil spray will work. Make sure you ask your vet for help in choosing medicine or the best flea treatment for your pet.

The environment

Places, where your pets have spent the most time, will be where the immature eggs are hiding. Under beds, couch cushions, carpets, and rugs are some common places. Wash all bedding and vacuum both sides of the couch, under your couch, and carpets at least once a week for 3-4 months.2

Places your pet spends time at outdoors will need to be sprayed with a flea prevention spray.

The process of getting rid of fleas in your home can take months so it is imperative to remain calm. To completely eradicate the flea infestation, you have to get all the immature fleas and the matured fleas.

To get rid of the problem even faster do these recommendations more often, get a stronger insect killer, and purchase flea traps and change them out weekly.

Fleas can be tricky but with patience, and help from your vet, the problem can be eradicated.



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