We think all dogs are pretty awesome, and if you're reading this then there's a good chance you agree. Every dog, no matter what breed, has their own unique personality, and will likely be a great fit for someone out there. Some dog parents like purebreds because you can pick the exact dog you want. Their temperament and behavioral traits, and even their shedding may be more predictable. However, there is a growing trend to adopt or rescue a mutt from a shelter. For many pet families, not knowing exactly what you're going to get is half the fun, but, it basically comes down to preference. So if you're looking to add a new pooch to your family soon, here are some of our top reasons to consider a mutt.

You Can Save a Life

Dogs in shelters are just waiting for a loving hand to give them a second chance. Most dogs that you will find in a shelter are well behaved and healthy, but generally, due to extenuating circumstances end up surrendering. It may be that the owner is simply unable to care for the dog or has passed away and there is no other place for the dog to go. Each year, 6 million to 8 million pets enter shelters, and sadly about 2.7 million of those will be euthanized despite their adoptability. When you adopt from a shelter, you are saving a life, and it is hard to beat that feeling.

So Many Choices

You can find a variety of looks in both purebreds and mutts. Both offer just about any size, shape, hair or ear type, and many other features. But with mixed breed dogs, often times you get the best of two, three or four different worlds; mutts truly are individuals! Oftentimes with purebred dogs, you'll get a standard look, and they're often bred for specific skillsets, so they can be a bit more predictable. But, with a mixed breed, you may end up with a unique looking dog that isn't nearly as common but is just as amazing as any purebred dog, and whose personality might align perfectly with their new owner.

Easy to Find and Easily Affordable

There is certainly no shortage of lovable mutts out there. Whether it's a litter of pups or your local shelter, you can find plenty of adoptable furry friends. Sometimes you may get lucky and the animal shelter may offer free adoption, but typically shelters do charge an adoption fee to cover costs. The average adoption fee is about $200, and that is reasonable considering that most pets will have all shots and may even already be spayed or neutered. With the money you'll save upfront in vet visits and medical fees, it will be easier to afford supplies for your new furry friend, like a kennel or some new toys.

They are Smart, Capable Pets

Because a dog is a mutt or mixed breed certainly does not mean they can't compete in competitions or become a terrific service dog. The North American Dog Agility Council is a great organization that gives any breed the opportunity to compete. And, if you think service dogs are limited to just purebreds, think again; mixed breeds are just as capable of offering assistance.

Say Goodbye to Housetraining

Many mutts that are found in a shelter belonged to someone else previously, which means they may already come potty trained. Potty training takes time and patience, so if you are able to skip this step that will be a definite plus. If they're also housetrained, then you will definitely be ahead of the curve. Not having to worry about biting, chewing, and various other surprises will make adopting a new dog so much easier. Not all dogs will come housebroken – especially puppies – but you can typically find out during the adoption process many details about your new pet.

Fewer Health Issues

Although it is not proven that mixed breeds have fewer health issues than that of a purebred, there are certain breeds that do inherently have more health concerns. Because mutts are not 100% one breed, they are less likely to develop health issues that may be partial to a specific breed. Additionally, some studies point to mixed breeds potentially living longer lives when compared to the average lifespan of purebreds.

These are just a handful of reasons why mutts can make amazing pets. Whatever type of dog you decide to bring into your family, giving that pet a loving home will be great for both of you. If you would like to meet the mutt that's right for you, visit your local animal shelter.


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