Whether you're a first-time kitten parent or a kitten parent pro, bringing home a new kitten is always an exciting time. Watching your kitten get used to their new surroundings is one of the cutest things you could witness. However, if you're not prepared, your kitten may have a harder time adjusting. To get prepared, keep reading for our New Kitten Checklist.

1. Carrier

When you get a kitten, you'll need a way to transport them to their vet checkups safely. To do this, you’ll need to place your cat in a cat carrier. This keeps them safe and gives them a sense of security while in the car. Traveling can be scary, so it is important that the kennel is well-ventilated and roomy. Try placing a kennel mat, towel, or blanket from their former home to give them more comfort.

2. Litter Box

A litter box is imperative to have as your kitty will need somewhere to do its business. A clean litter box is key as cats tend to avoid messy or dirty ones. Make sure that you get litter and a scoop to remove soiled bits. For tips on potty training your kitten check out these articles.

3. A Cat Bed

Most kittens like to have a place to rest, but they can be very picky and may ignore the new bed at first. Cats are very particular, so make sure the bedding is always clean and be sure to place the bed in a quiet, draft-free corner away from the main traffic in your house. This will be your kitten’s corner. Be sure to check out more tips on choosing the right bed for your pet.

4. Food and Water Bowls

A new kitten has lots of energy so get ones that are sturdy. The Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow For Cats has a constant flow of purified water that will entertain your cat, but also encourage them to drink more water. Don’t forget to get some food to put into their new bowl as well. Some kittens can be allergic to plastic so opt for a stainless-steel bowl.

5. A Cat Collar

A cat should have a collar on them that contains their ID Tag, and microchipping tag. Cats do get out of the house and this will help ensure their return. Some kittens don’t like the feel of a leash, but they can be great training tools, and some people have even started to walk their cats on a leash.

6. Grooming Tools

Grooming tools will help keep your kitten healthy and beautiful. You’ll need both a flea comb and a brush. Depending on your cat’s hair, the type of brush needed can be different. Ask your veterinarian for the best one for your new cat. Petmate has a large range of cat grooming tools that will fit every cat’s needs.

7. Toys, Toys, and More Toys

Cats are curious and need toys that are safe to play with but also keep them entertained. Choose toys that can’t be splintered, torn apart, or swallowed. Get a ball that rattles or a mouse infused with catnip for the perfect playtime entertainment. Scratching toys can give your cat areas to exercise while scratching their claws and saving your furniture. The FAT CAT Big Mama's Scratch 'N Play Ramp comes with a springy butterfly toy that attracts and keeps cats and kittens coming back for more play. You can also lay it down flat or raise it up, depending on your cat's preferences. Make sure that all toxic things are put away in an area that your cat cannot reach. Keep balls of yarn and string away as they can be choking hazards for your kitten. This is not a comprehensive list of everything your cat will ever need but is a good place to start in preparing for your new cat’s arrival.


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