If you are a pet owner, you have an opinion about kennels. You either use one or you don’t. You may use a plastic kennel or a wire kennel. You may only use one for travel or use it every day. Whatever your thoughts on kennels are, this article will educate you on why you should use a kennel, and why you should use plastic over wire.

Why You Should Use a Kennel

If you do not use a kennel you probably have some strong feelings about them but here is a list of reasons why you should use a kennel.

  • Helps with potty training your puppy.
  • Keeps your pet safe and secure when you are unable to supervise them.
  • Travel safer in the car and in the air.
  • Lessens the stress on your pet if they must stay overnight at the vet.

Most importantly, using a kennel gives your pet somewhere they can go when they need time to be alone. It gives them a home within your home.


Pros of Plastic

When choosing a kennel for your pet, a lot of things go into the decision-making process. Searching for the right fit can take a lot of time and research. When picking a kennel, go with the original in kennel making. Petmate created the first kennel and continues to be a leader in the kennel industry. But why should you use a plastic kennel over a wire kennel? That’s easy.

Smoother Interior

A plastic kennel doesn’t have as many sharp edges as a wire kennel does. The smooth interior makes the kennel cozier and more inviting for your dog.

Season to Season Comfort

A plastic kennel is enclosed which keeps your pet insulated and warm during the cooler months, but it is also well-ventilated, so it keeps your pet cool during the warmer months. Comfort for your pet all year long.

Travel Safer

Plastic kennels are airline compliant which allows your pet to be safe and secure while traveling through the sky. Not only are kennels great for traveling on airplanes, but they are also preferred for cars too! Keeping your pet in their kennel while traveling in the car keeps your pet safe and allows you to drive without distraction.

Multiple Sizes

Plastic kennels come in several sizes to ensure the best fit for your fur baby. Some kennels come with a 2-door feature giving you easier access to a place or pick-up smaller animals and cats.

Heavy Duty & Strong

Plastic Kennels are constructed with durable plastic, making them strong and durable. Since it is constructed of two plastic pieces met in the middle the possibility of your pet Houdini-ing their way out or getting hurt in the process of trying to break free is limited. The risk of rust in a plastic kennel has drastically lowered when compared to a wire kennel since it is only used for the door and some nuts and bolts. An additional plus is that there isn’t as much noise created, like the ratting of wire.

Saves the Environment

Petmate Plastic kennels are made with recyclable materials in the USA helping save the environment one kennel at a time.

Bedroom for Your Fur Baby

Enclosed plastic kennels create a dark environment and keep light and noise out which creates the perfect place for your dog to engage in their natural instinct to den. It provides the perfect balance of solitude and ventilation creating a more calming effect. Your dog will seek out this location when they want to go take a nap or need some alone time.

Owning a dog comes with a lot of tough decisions but using a plastic kennel shouldn’t be one of them. For the past 60 years, Petmate has been making kennels for pet parents, now it’s time for you to see what the Petmate difference is. From the smallest cat to the largest dog, shop Petmate kennels for all your kennel dreams to come true. Learn more at petmate.com/welcomehome

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