Whether you reside in California, Texas, Florida, Ohio or New York, being prepared for Mother Nature’s every mood means that you not only dress the part, but you adjust your home and furnishings for the rising and falling temperatures, too. As a pet parent, you also have to look out for your pet’s well-being, and that doesn’t end with mere food and water. Providing your furry pal with warm and cool weather essentials to stay comfortable all year-round is just as important as his food and water resources.

“Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else.” – Martha Beck

Beds aren’t Just for Sleeping

Aspen Pet® offers a wide selection of self-warming and self-cooling beds designed specifically for your four-legged friend’s needs all year-round. These beds are great for any size breed of dog and feature the latest innovative technology with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind.

Self-Warming Beds:

These self-warming beds are ideal for small dogs and pups as well as senior dogs that have a tendency to get cold easily.

Our self-warming beds feature a heat-reflecting Mylar technology that keeps your pet warm without electricity. The bed’s warmth is generated from your furry friend’s body heat. These beds are also made from faux lambswool plush and wide wale corduroy with a non-skid bottom so your pet stays nice and cozy, in one place.

Comfort & Style

While the focus and detailing is in our beds’ innovative technology, we couldn’t forget about our fashion conscious pet parents! Our beds are just as on-trend as they are functional.

For the latest additions in self-warming and self-cooling pet bedding, check out the entire line of Aspen Pet bedding.

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