People love small dog breeds such as adorable Yorkies or Daschunds and why wouldn’t they? Small dogs are portable, fun, and perfect for apartment living. They are known for couch snuggling, traveling with their favorite human companion, and their big personalities.

They may clock in under 20 pounds but that doesn’t mean all they do is sit around. Small dogs love to fetch, go on walks, and be close to their families. Whether you already have a tiny pup or are trying to get stuff ready for their arrival, check out these must-have dog items below.

1. Dog Leash and Collar

They may have shorter legs, but that doesn’t mean they just want to sit in your lap. Going outside, whether it’s a walk around the block or going to the park, a leash and collar are necessities.

A collar appropriately sized for a small dog will keep your petite pup from getting loose and can also prevent a lost pup. There are plenty of dog collars to choose from that will fit your small dog's personality and preferences.

2. Dog Food

Just like any animal, food is essential for smaller breeds. Make sure you are buying dog food that is made for small-sized jaws. There is no need to be afraid of grains for your tiny pooch, just get it in the right sized pieces.

3. A Small Kennel

Given the choice between your bed and the kennel, they may rather hop in with you. But having a crate made for small dogs can give them a cozy spot to call their own.

4. Treats for Small Dogs

Treats are a must-have for good doggies everywhere! When it comes to treats for your smaller friend keep them simple. Avoid overfeeding them and choose treats specifically sized for your small dog’s weight.

5. Dog Toys

The most important thing for any dog, toys! There are endless options available through First, you need to figure out what style of play your dog likes best.

Small dogs can love to swim, tug, fetch, or just chew. Whatever way they play, make sure you get a size appropriate toy for small dogs. Some fun options are The FAT CAT Monumutts Lincoln Memorial for a plush toy or the JW Hol-ee Gourmet Peanut to combine a chew and treat toy.

If you're looking for additional options for dog toys, feel free to check out the latest and greatest dog products on Petmate. We carry a wide assortment of dog kennels, dog toys, watering and feeding accessories, etc.

6. Potty Pads

Smaller dog breeds have a harder time holding it and can have issues soiling the house. It can be easier for them to go in the corner until they are potty trained or even an accident. Expert trainer Isaac Terrell recommends taking out your pup every couple of hours. 1 While potty training your dog make sure to stock up on puppy pads to help protect your floors. Having a smaller crate available to keep your canine more confined while training also helps in learning to do their business outside.

7. Safety Items for Falling

Older dogs aren't the only ones who suffer from fall risks. Small dogs are at risk for injuries from falls or just jumping down. Falling short distances from the bed or couch can cause injuries to the front legs or spines. Breeds with skinny front legs such as Italian Greyhounds are at risk for fractured front legs. Dogs with long backs like Daschunds can develop slipped discs in their backs that can rapidly progress to paralysis. Buying a pet ramp to help them get to hard-to-reach places is highly recommended.

Training your dog to use a Gen7Pets Ramp to get to and from their favorite spot can prevent them from injuring themselves. Not sure if your pup needs a ramp? Check out some common signs here.

8. Travel Necessities

Besides their collar and leash, there are several things that can be needed while traveling with your pet. If you plan on going on longer trips out with your dog where their legs may tire out quickly a pet stroller can be helpful. Longer distances can be twice as long for your small pup due to their little legs. Pet strollers especially come in handy for older dogs who may not be as mobile as they once were but still enjoy the outdoors. They also make great gifts for anyone with aging pets.

Car rides can be scary for some smaller dogs and you never know when an accident may happen. The Gen7Pets Carry-Me Pet Carrier doubles as a car seat and is crash tested to keep your fur baby safe. It's also a good idea to have a dog travel bowl or bottle on hand to ensure your dog stays hydrated and fed on long trips.

Whether big or small, picking up the dog essentials not only helps create a stronger bond for your pet, but it makes being a pet parent easier!



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