Playing fetch with your family dog is a great way to bond, exercise, and have fun with them. For most of us, we like to use our favorite toys to get the game going. It's not unlikely to have an arsenal of fetch toys on hand designed specifically for this tried and true pastime. Some dogs are superstars in the field of fetch, jumping and catching the toy out of midair, while some will sit and watch it smack them in the face. Here is a list of the top 10 dog breeds that are considered the best at fetch. Some may even surprise you!

1. Border Collie: It may come as little surprise to you that this is at the top of our list. Border Collies are one of the best breed suited for the game of fetch because if their genetics, instincts, build, and their desire to please their owners. They are one of the most loyal and smartest breeds and will play for hours on end.

2. Labrador Retriever: It has it in its name, of course they love it! The Labrador Retriever is muscular and adapted to playing sports. They are people-oriented and love spending time with their owners. Labradors have lots of energy and will be willing to burn it off chasing their favorite toy.

3. English Springer Spaniel: This dog breed was specifically bred to flush out birds but has developed work for all-around hunting including retrieving. This breed loves to chase and hates to not bring back its prey. They have been known to look tirelessly until it has been found.

4. Australian Shepherd: Much like the Border Collie, and many other lean shepherd dogs, the Australian Shepherd has proven itself as a keen, smart breed. They work well with their owners out on the field and in competitions, while also being a loving family pet. They have plenty of energy and it needs to be burned off — one short walk a day will not cut it. Fetch engages their instinct to chase and allows them a variety of ways to catch, either on ground or in the air.

5. Standard Poodle: The typical stereotypes of poodles being a froufrou dog can be thrown out the window. Poodles are athletic, energetic, and their coat was meant to protect them in cold, making them perfect for playing fetch in the water.

6. Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers are a loving, family-friendly breed that will play with their family in any way, especially through fetch! They have been known to chase just about anything and will expend their energy if there is something to bring back, like their favorite ball or flyer.

7. Belgian Malinois: The smaller, agile cousin of the German Shepherd makes this list because it checks off all the boxes when looking for a great fetching dog. It comes from a line of working dogs that want to please their owner including bringing back their favorite toy. The Malinois requires ample exercise time, as well as mental stimulation, to keep them happy and healthy.

8. Miniature Schnauzer: Little dogs love fetch, too! Though they were not bred to retrieve, they can be very energetic and their desire for playtime and interaction will include a game of fetch. They have a heart for human play time.

9. Nova Scotia: Duck Tolling Retriever This is a lesser known retriever breed, but one worthy to be on the list. These dogs have been known to ploy ducks closer to their hunter owners. They have high energy, are very responsive, and incredibly friendly. They are natural sports and will play for hours. As a bonus, they’re adorable and have a beautiful ginger-colored coat.

10. German Shorthaired Pointer: These dogs are known for their hunting instincts and are amazing retrievers. They can jump high to grab a flyer or ball right out of the air and can run for hours. This breed is energetic, athletic, and enjoys all outdoor games. While this is a short list of breeds that are masters of fetch, there are hundreds of others out there that enjoy this special bonding time with you and their favorite toy. The most important part of fetch is having fun together, so get outside and play today!


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