Ever wonder which toys are best to keep your cat entertained at home while you are at work? Do you strive to keep your feline trim and happy? Well, keep reading to learn about some tips and tricks that will help you understand what your fiesty feline needs.


Curious as to why your cat is so playful? Cats are born with an instinct to hunt for their food. When kittens are born, they still have their natural hunting instincts. However, since they are so young and small, they are not able to cause a lot of damage. When they are born, they will begin to hone their hunting instincts on their siblings and wrestle and discover what their strengths are. This is the age when they realize it actually hurts when they chomp on their own tail.


The reason why cats are still so playful after they become adults is because they never truly grow up. House cats are taught that they never have to hunt for the food in their bowl. Because of this, cats have an immense amount of playful energy that is dying to get out somehow. They release their hunting instincts through play with their toys – and any toes they find under a blanket. Not only does this happen naturally, but they are encouraged to repeat that playful behavior since it is so incredibly entertaining and cute. This teaches your feline that play hunting is a long-term fun activity.


The answer to the question above is yes, cats can see color. However, the colors they see are very limited. There has been extensive research over the years concerning this topic. The typical myth is that cats can only see black, white, and gray. This is simply not true. Cats see color primarily in different hues of blue, as well as grays, black, and even yellow. The colors they have a harder time seeing is red, orange, and pink. These appear as a gray or muted blue hue.


One of the most groundbreaking discoveries when it comes to cats vision is that cats have more rods than humans, but less cones than humans. Cones are what is responsible for seeing color and rods are what is responsible for vision in low light levels. Rods do not mediate color vision, they simply give the ability to identify movement in low light.

Are you wondering what all of this rod and cone stuff is about? It simply explains that your cat can see less color and more movemnt at lower light levels. This clarifies why cats have such good night vision and are able to be stealthy throughout the night.

Another key difference in feline sight and human sight is that cats are more nearsighted then humans are.Humans can typically identify an object clearly at about 100 feet away. Whereas cats just see a blur and can't really see or identify a sharp object until it is 20 feet away.

Not only are cats nearsighted, but their eyes sit further apart on their head. This gives them an advantage to humans when it comes to peripheral vision. Cats have way more territory when it comes to their surroundings, due to their advanced peripheral vision.


Wondering what kind of cat toy you should purchase? Cats love any toy that is blue or yellow. These are the colors they can see more vibrantly. They are able to see and interact with these colors which will help with brain development as well as hand eye coordination.

Cat Teasers are a good choice when it comes to purchasing cat toys. Cat teasers typically have an object that hangs at the end of a colorful string that catches your cat's attention. The FATCAT Swat N Swing Flying Fish (pictured below) is one of the best teasers on the market. It has vibrant orange, blue and black colors to ensure your kitten plays with toys they can see. The goal of cat teaser toys is to get your kitten to bat at or swing at the cat teaser. This will make your kitty believe they toy is alive and trying to escape. Your kitten will pounce on its prey until she has won the fight.

Cat puzzles are also a really good tool to use when it comes to your cat's brain development. Cat puzzle toys gives your cat a challenge to figure out themselves while providing mental stimulation. Puzzle toys for cats usually include treats, which motivates cats and keeps them engaged in the challenge. The Jackson Galaxy Orbit Treat Despenser Cat Toy (pictured below) teaches cats to work and play for their food. Placing food or treats inside the sphere will teach them to bat at the toy to retrieve treats. Not only does this enrich their learning, but it also satisfies their need to hunt and play.

Not only are cat teasers and puzzle toys a good choice to keep you cat entertained. Traditional plush toys are also great for keeping your kitty entertained. Plush cat toys gives your kitten the chance to attack, throw, bat, and move their prey around. One of the best and most colorful plush toys out there is the Jackson Galaxy Catch of the Day Plush Cat Toy (pictured below). This toy highlights the colors that your kitten can see and is the perfect size for your cat to tumble around with.


Too much information? Don't worry about it. When it comes to cat toys, just know that Petmate has your back and is sure to offer a toy your cat will love! Click here to purchase your kitten's new favorite toys today!


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