As a pet parent, you are proud of the name you chose for your newest family member. But did you know what you choose to name your animal says a lot about you? Do you ever wonder what other people think about you when they hear your pets name?

Well, we aren’t mind readers and don’t know what people think when you named your golden retriever Buddy (Can we say basic??) but we can give you an idea what thoughts are running through people’s minds. Here are some types of names and what they say about you.

Human Name

Example: Jack, Ava, Lucy

Your pet is more than just an animal, it’s a full part of the family. Studies have shown that people who give their pets human names have the closest relationship. These animals probably get food at the dinner table and have their picture taken hundreds of times… a day.

Animal Name

Ex: Bear, Teddy, Kitty

You love animals of all size, shape, and color. When you have to say a fun fact about yourself it goes something along the lines of animals are your passion. You tend to like your pets more than other people (most of us do anyway). Your pet represents the entire animal kingdom and you tend to be more outdoorsy and active.

Common Name

Ex: Max, Henry, Bella

You like to be comfortable and are reliable. So what you didn’t choose something off the beaten path? They’re classics for a reason. Everyone has a good memory of a pup named Spot and you know that your Spot can set themselves apart from all the other Spots!

Pop Culture Name

Ex: Mario, Thor, Simba

You like to show your personality through your pet’s name. A kitty named Simba shows your love for Disney, while a Thor tells us you love mythology… or Chris Hemsworth. You know what’s going on in the world but also know not to take things too seriously. You are also very sentimental by choosing a name that tells the world about something you love.

Food Name

Ex: Peanut, Oreo, Sushi

You are a foodie. Those people who make Instagram’s for food, yeah you probably have one. Food is a huge part of your life and your pet’s life. Chances are you love good food, good friends, and bringing your pet to every pet-friendly restaurant in town.

Original Name

When you tell people your pet’s name do they question and say what?? You named your pet something original which shows that you are creative. You love talking to people because when you tell them their name it starts up any conversation and already tells them a little bit about you.

There are hundreds of pet names and maybe your kid was the one with an Air Bud obsession. But you know your pet has the best name and you wouldn’t change it for anything.

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