When it comes to picking a harness for your dog the options can seem endless. Your pup might be struggling with anything ranging from anxiety, leash pulling, or behavior problems. It really should come down to three things when deciding to switch to a harness: comfort, control, and versatility.


Harnesses are all around a better choice when it comes to your dog's comfort on everyday walks. Depending on the dog, collars might not be the way you want to go. According to Rocky's Retreat, when a dog pulls on a collar, energy flow around the neck is restricted or even disrupted, potentially causing a variety of problems such as:

  • lameness
  • spinal problems
  • excessive paw licking
  • skin issues
  • allergies
  • lung and heart problems
  • behavior problems
  • digestive issues
  • ear and eye conditions

Now, this might seem extreme but when it comes to our beloved furry family members, we typically shy away from anything potentially harmful to them. Since harnesses do not control the neck, or obstruct the energy and air flow, they typically will protect your dog from dealing with the issues listed above.


Getting to the pet store and seeing all the different types of harnesses can be overwhelming. Since there are so many options, we want to explain the difference between the two main types of dog harnesses: traditional or halter.

Traditional dog harnesses have a thick strap that goes over the dogs chest, up under the belly, then connects in the back where the leash can be attached (pictured below).

dog sitting a patch of flowers with a harness on

Halter harnesses have a loop across the chest – similar to an oversized collar – and one more loop around the stomach. These two loops connect by a strap down the back, lining up vertically with the loop around the chest (pictured below).

dog laying down on the ground with a blue harness on

Other popular types of dog harnesses are listed below:

  • No pull dog harness
  • Tactical dog harness
  • Dog harness vest
  • Front clip dog harness
  • Mesh dog harness
  • Anxiety relief dog harness
  • Step-in dog harness

Whatever style you choose, make sure to watch how your dog reacts to their harness. Most dogs enjoy the traditional style harness, but some can become irritated with it if it rubs the back of their front legs. If your dog's underarms are frequetly bothered, your best bet would be to try a harness halter type.


If you're looking for a harness for more control over your dog, the Petmate Standard Step-In Harness may be a good option for you. Easy to put on, this harness is designed for control and is made from super durable materials with double stitching for extra durability. If your dog likes to jump or pull during walks, this harness gives you more control to stop that kind of behavior from your dog. It will yield smoother walks and enjoyable outdoor encounters with your dog.

blue dog harness on a white background


If your dog needs a more comfortable harness, the Petmate Adjustable Standard Core Mesh Harness is the harness for him! This harnesses primary goal is to be ultra-comfortable, with it's lightly padded and breatheable mesh material. It has the control you're looking for and the comfort your dog craves. Be sure to check out this harness and pick your favorite color for your furry friend

black dog harness on a white background 


The Petmate Calmz Anxiety Relief System is an advanced and very therapeutic anxiety relief system for dogs. It combines high-tech innovation with acupressure in a revolutionary new non-invasive, drug-free treatment that soothes common anxiety that ofter arises as a result of thunderstorms, fireworks, encounters with strangers, travel, and loud noises. This innovative system comes complete with an adjustable Comfort Fit Vest that cradles a device over specific acupressure points on your dog's spine. When the device is activated, the clinically proven NeuroSync Technology takes over. Your dog will hear and feel a therapeutic blend of classical music, tones, and vibration to ease anxiety.

dog laying on a couch with a black harness

If your dog stuggles with anxiety during walks, the Calmz may be a useful device for you to try on your dog. The Calmz line is not intended to have a leash attached to it, however can be used during walks if you attach the leash to your dog's collar. During your walk, turn on the device to provide your dog with constant anxiety reflief during the walk.

dog walking on a leash in a black harness

Whether you're searching for a training harness, tactical harness, or jogging harness, Petmate's collection of dog harnesses are sure to offer just what you're searching for.


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