Why Proper Dog and Cat Food Storage Matters

Dog being served food from a Vittles Vault container

Having the right food storage container is very important in keeping your dog or cat's food fresh, crisp, and full of flavor. Without proper storage, pet food can go rancid and lose its nutritional value very fast, causing you to lose money and your pet not wanting to eat their food. You spend lots of money making sure you provide the best food for your pet. However, keeping it in the bag it comes in does not provide the right storage solution for your pet's food. So, keep reading to learn about proper pet food storage and solutions to help you keep your pet's food fresher longer!


Just like humans, dogs and cats need a well-balanced diet too to live a happy and healthy life. Every dog and cat's diet is different and depends on what kind of breed they are, how active they are, their age, and what nutrients and vitamins they may be deficient in. In the past few years, both dog and cat food companies have started producing better quality food with higher quality ingredients. One large bag of quality pet food can cost anywhere between $40 to $75 depending on which brand you buy and if it's wet or dry pet food. If you ever have any questions about which food is best for your pet, we recommend you talk to your pet's veterinarian.

Once you have decided on what kind of food is perfect for your dog or cat, you'll want to make sure you have the proper food storage container so that the food doesn't go bad halfway through the bag. While there is a "Best By" date on your pet's bag of food, what most people don't realize is it becomes inaccurate as soon as your open the bag. After that, food can quickly go rancid, which is why proper food storage matters so much.


Vittles Vault Container in kitchen cabinet

Did you know that storing your pet's food in the bag it comes in can cause it to lose its flavor and go stale? Your dog may eat it at a slower pace or may just refuse to eat it at all. That's because, over time, air and light seep into the bag which causes the food to go stale. Without proper storage, critters like ants and other buys and easily get inside causing you to have to throw away the food. Without a proper seal, moisture can also seep into the bag which causes food to go rancid. Where you store your pet's food also matters. Most people think storing the pet's food in the garage is ok. However, high temperatures are one of the most common reasons pet food goes bad. Instead, you should store your pet's food somewhere INSIDE your house that is cool and dry, like your pantry. All of these are important reasons why proper pet food storage matters, but the most important reason is that you don't want your pet to have to eat spoiled or stale food! Eating rancid or stale food can make your pet sick, which is something you never want.


When shopping for a food storage container, there are a few things you should look for:

1. The container should not be translucent or see-through

2. The container should have some sort of seal that locks freshness in

3. The container should be large enough to hold the entire bag of food

Vittles Vault by GAMMA2 makes food storage containers that specialize in storing pet food, but can also be used to store human food such as grains, rice, beans, and more! All of the containers feature patented GAMMA SEAL TECHNOLOGY that locks freshness in and keeps moisture and pest out. They're made from BPA-free plastic that keeps light out with the simple spin of a lid. Vittles Vault food storage containers come in a variety of sizes that can hold 15 pounds all the way up to 80 pounds of dry pet food. It's also recommended that pet parents NOT pour food directly into the containers. Instead, pet parents should insert the bag into the container along with the food to help keep pet food as fresh as possible. Doing this adds an extra barrier of protection helping pet food maintain its nutritional value. Designed with this in mind, Vittles Vault storage containers are engineered with wide openings, strength, and durability so that they last for years as you take out empty used bags of food and put in new full bags of food.


bird seed being poured into Vittles Vault food storage container


Not only is Vittles Vault perfect for keeping your dog or cat's food fresh, but they're also great for horse feed, birdseed, rabbit pellets, and more! The options are endless and their unique shapes and designs make it easy for any type of pet parent to use them.


Gamma Seal Lid on standard bucket


GAMMA lids also let doomsday preppers, storage preppers, etc. turn standard buckets into airtight, pest-proof food storage containers by inserting a GAMMA Lid on their buckets. GAMMA lids keep food like pasta, rice, beans, flour, and fresher longer and are color-coded based on food safety measures! You can shop all GAMMA lids here.


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