Booda Dome Litter Box

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Item: For TITANIUM / LARGE 50001

Brand: Petmate

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The only 3-in-1 litter box that your cat needs. Add fashion, privacy for your cat, and most importantly cleanliness to your home with the Petmate® Booda® Dome Litter Box. With its unique covered design, the Booda Dome helps contain litter scatter while its large capacity filter helps control unwanted odors. The filter easily inserts to the top of the dome, making filter replacement simple. The Booda Dome's 99% odor-free design using quality materials makes it very easy to clean and manage. Made in the USA.


For TITANIUM / LARGE 18" L x 18" W x 16.5" H
Product Weight
For TITANIUM / LARGE 3.16 lb


  • Offers cat's privacy
  • Adds cleanliness to your home
  • Unique covered design helps contain litter scatter
  • Large capacity filter helps control odors
  • 99% odor-free design that is easy to clean
  • Easily installed filter inserts into the top of the dome

Additional Information

We recommend replacing your cat's litter box every 12 months. Over time, odors can penetrate plastic and resins, leaving behind a stinky odor you can't get rid of. Plus, your cat's scratching alone takes a toll. So, to keep your cat's litter area clean and smelling as fresh as possible, replace your old litter box at least once a year. To help your cat adjust to his or her new litter box, keep the old one behind for a short transition period.