The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we work throughout the US. In some ways, this change has the effect of spending more time with family – and animals – we care about most. But this new dynamic also raises the stakes for getting work and other tasks done. It's harder to accomplish tasks when there are distractions around. But it's a different story for your pet.

Your pet suddenly went from being home alone most of the day to now having his family home all day, which is probably REALLY exciting for him. Even though you probably enjoy the extra quality time with your dog, you still have work to get done. While playing with your dog and giving them extra attention is always more fun than work, that's no way to make a living. Rather, you have to find a balance that will let you enjoy your dog's company while still being able to get work done. So, let us help you with ideas for keeping your dog busy while you work from home.

Types of Toys to Occupy Your Dog

When trying to keep your pet occupied throughout the day, you will need solo play dog toys. Solo play dog toys are designed for dogs to play alone with. Most of the time, they include squeakers or make some type of noise that keeps dogs entertained and engaged while they play. They also usually include toys like treat toys or puzzle toys that challenges your dog and keeps them mentally stimulated. The more engaged your dog is with his solo play toys, the less likely he is to want your attention.

When choosing solo play dog toys, you have to determine for yourself if you don't mind hearing squeaky toys throughout the day. Some people don't mind hearing squeaks non-stop and are able to tune it out. However, others need complete silence in order to focus on their work. If you're on a conference call, it would be smart to remove the squeaky toys before the call and replace them with dogs toys tthat do not make noise.

Solo Play Dog Toy Options

Dogs love to chew on things to pass time. If fact, dogs have a natural instinct to chew as it prevents boredom and helps relieve any anxiety or frustrations a dog may experience. The JW Gnawberry Chew-ee is a great option for solo play because it is designed for chew and will stand up to it! Plus, it has a pyramid shape that makes it bounce in a random path when you dog tosses it around the room. And it even has a squeaker to keep your dog entertained and engaged in playtime.

Another great solo play dog toy option is the JW Hol-ee Bottle Dog Toy (shown below). This one is squeaker-free, but has a plastic water bottle wrapped in a durable rubber shell that gives dogs different textures to chew on. Besides being squeaker-free, this toy also lets pet-parents replace the water bottle when your dog has chewed it all up. Doing this gives your dog a like-new toy and recycles old water bottles. 


A great third squeaky toy option is the JW Isqueak Bouncin' Baseball. Molded in thick rubber, this baseball-shaped toy emits a long, high squeak when your dog bites into it. The rubber is designed to withstand rough-and-tumble play. It's ideal for solo play or fetch with your canine friend.

If you can't handle the squeaking all day, one of the quarantine dog hacks you can do is allow your dog to have the squeaker toy in the morning while you get ready for your work day at home. Once you are all ready to go, feel free to take the squeaker toy away and replace it with a different, silent toy.

Silent Solo Play Dog Toys

Silent toys represent the best of both worlds – chewy entertainment for your dog and peace and quiet for you. Other types of solo play dog toy you can use to keep your dog busy and occupied is puzzle toys and treat toys. These toys are usually silent and provide quiet time while challenging your dog. For example, the JW Twist-in Treats dog toy (shown below) is one of the best treat toys out there. It is one of the most durable, fun, bouncy treat toys that makes treat time last longer. Designed to stand up to tough play, the Twist-In Treats KPUP is designed to have treats twisted into the top so your dog can work them out. It is easy to grip but its shape creates a fun chewing challenge for your dog. Just snap the treat in and watch your dog enjoy working the treat out. The treats can be set deeper to make it more difficult for your dog and keep them occupied longer. Plus, it rewards your pet through play and encourages them not to give up.

The JW Megalast Ball has nooks and crevices for fun chewing action. The ball is vanilla scents to stimulate your dog's interest, and you can hide treats in the ball to prolong solo play. It bounces high too and is designed to be sturdy to withstand hours of solo chewing fun and playing together.

Another silent solo play dog toy is the versatile JW Hol-ee Roller (shown below). The cool thing about this dog toy is that you can give it to your dog as is, or you can stuff it with your dogs favorite treats to turn it into a mentally stimulating puzzle toy for your dog. If you don't have treats on hand, stuff it with ice or one of your dogs smaller toys. You can really get creative with this solo play dog toy. When the work day is over, the Hol-ee Roller becomes a great interactive toy for you and your dog that can be used for fetch or tough games of tug-o-war. It's literally one of the most versatile dog toys on the market and dogs LOVE IT!

Get Up & Walk Throughout the Day

Even if you're home all day with your dog, he'll still relish the chance to get outside with you. There's no replacing your special walks together. So, when you can see that you, your dog, and your kids are getting restless, put the dogs leash on and go outside for a short walk. This will help relieve pent up energy and get your blood flow going – which has been proven to help people focus more. Remember, your health is still important and getting up and being active throughout the day will help you get through these uncertain times a little easier. When you get back inside, you may find that your dog is ready for a nap, which will give you quiet time to focus on your work.

All in all, working from home is completley doable when you have the necessary toys to keep your dog entertained. It can be hard to adapt to our new way of life and jump into it fearlessly. An easy way to take your mind off of the coronavirus is to simply remember to practice basic hygienic rules like washing your hands, help others when you can, and love on your family and pets. Dogs can sense our feelings and can sense the stress you may be experiencing right now. Remember to take a deep breath and tell yourself it's going to be okay. Petting your dog is a way to relieve some stress, so take some time to love on your pet. You'll feel better, which will help make these days a little easier.

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